Our Design Process


Heartwood Landscaping Ltd. provides garden consultation and landscape design services to suit your needs. We offer on site consultations, basic concept plans, full working design drawings, and project management services. Throughout the process, there is an open line of communication to be sure that your expectations are being met, and that there are no questions left unanswered. Budgets are kept; timelines are delivered


After the consultation and site survey are complete, Heartwood Landscaping Ltd.  will create a concept sketch outlining the basic elements of the new garden including hardscaping elements and tree placement. At this point we will meet with you to discuss and make any changes to the concept sketch before moving on to the final design plan. The final drawings include a general site layout plan, as well as a planting and hardscaping plan, detailing everything necessary to complete the garden.


Once the landscape design is finalized, we bring it to life ourselves in the construction process. Working as the designers and the installers gives us distinct advantage as we transition from vision to reality, resulting in a beautiful, cohesive landscape.As a design-build firm, our designers are closely involved in all aspects of construction. If onsite challenges arise, the design and build teams collaborate to find solutions that ensure the vision and intent of the original plan are fulfilled.

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